Creative Solutions for Healthier Sleep ...

The regular sleep pattern is a very important influencing factor on our efficient work, psychology and relationships with family and friends. Indeed, it's one of the most important factors in making sound judgments. However, we may omit the importance of this factor in the chaos of life. There are a lot of factors affecting the healthy sleep;

Foods consumed before sleeping, a dark and quiet environment during sleep, the mobility of the body during the day are some of the other factors. Besides the aforementioned ones, also the mattress preference is of course extremely important for a sound sleep. The Mattress preference may vary according to the person. The Mattress types varying according to the use and air permeability are considered the most influential factors for a sound and healthy sleep and vigorous wake-up.

Cardimo Mattresses, produced under Cardin Concept guarantee for a healthier sleep, offer different options to ensure you a fresh wake up.


Not to sleep but to be reborn.

The latest technology materials have been used in Cardimo Visco series. This Mattresses also do not sweat or smell and prevent the formation of germs. The Mattresses in Visco Air series are produced from elastic and specially knitted fabric and are removable and washable thanks to a zipper.


Start your day fit and fresh...

All Cardimo Mattresses in the Spring Pure series are orthopedic. This series is produced with the Primavat Filler, a global technology material, and designed to ensure you a restful and sound sleep thanks to also the feather used in this series.


Wake up in the freshness of spring ...

The Cardimo Eco-Spring Premium Series have the reinforced spring technology which takes the form of your body. You will feel the peace of the spring every time you wake up thanks to their stable and everlasting feature.